Cross Over

In the beginning of this year , life was a total blur to me . it was meaningless and worthless . I was sick ,i mean really really sick . i had the impression at some point that things would never get better ,Yeah! that’s how bad things were .I was at  the brink of loosing it all but something happened that changed it all and that was my encounter with God

That’s my story , I don’t know yours , I cant tell you how yours started and I cant tell you how the year is ending for you , and I cant tell you when to stand and choose your fate , when to stand and tell yourself that you would no longer wait for life to throw things at you that you never asked for and you don’t like , I cant tell you when to start being positive and make things happen for you , I cant tell you when to have a King or Queen mentality , I cant tell you when to start believing in yourself . There is a lot I cant tell you what to do about . But, what I can tell you is to decide to do something about what you can do something about, don’t wait for help , don’t wait for anyone ,do something ,anything ,whatever, but don’t go into the next year thinking just like you thought this year because that would just yield you same results

Another thing you need to do is to know that you need God in everything to make it work . God is your pilot , architect , doctor , engineer and lawyer he is master of all professions . He could be anything to you , anything at all . Believe me that with God next year is just the beginning of your fairytale kind of life , I’m not saying bad things wont happen but even when they do they wont drag you by the hair down to the end of the year like they did this year . we are not perfect but we serve a perfect God .

Now i charge you to go into next year and do what you’ve always thought you could never do , go into next year and move mountains and remember to go into the runway of 2017 with God .2017.png




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