Read My Heart

We mostly compare love to the heart and we usually say that love comes from the heart.In my heart lies so much love and passion for life and some people in it.  

         I always craved feelings that I couldn’t find and love that I couldn’t give. It was easy for me to see myself as the victim when the  real victims where those I thought I loved but didn’t ,Yeah!  It’s easy to make this mistake . But,  then I learnt to read my Heart. 

         Now I can live my life cautiously thinking of family and trying  to create a smile from a distance Cus I learnt to love and read my Heart 

       Now I can let love find me and I can find love, I can keep love and I can make it grow . I can let  myself embrace and get tangled in the tiny threads of love, twisting and binding with another that makes my heart sing because I learnt to read my Heart 

Reading my heart helps me know what my heart needs and that’s what I give to others, this keeps the heart alive and ready to receive.  You can not totally receive and understand what you haven’t learnt to give.

I want you to read my Heart too, but if you have to understand mine, you have to learn to read yours.

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